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Salt consumption

How do do you Reduce salt consumption?

It is very important to consume right amount of salt every day but,we end up having more than we require.

Here are the tips to reduce the intake.


Salt is the main contributor of sodium in the diet. We have to make sure that we take proper amount of salt everyday. We should limit our excess salt intake.
Excess salt intake leads to various health problems such as thyroids, high blood pressure,etc.
Sodium that is naturally present in the food is adequate to meet daily requirements. However, those who sweat  a lot need more salt.

Sources in the diet:

Salt in diet can come from different sources:
Added at the table.Added during cooking.
Added during processing the foods.
Present in small quantities in all foods.

Why should we limit salt?

A diet lower in common salt and higher in potassium is expected to lower the blood pressure.
Consuming more fruits and vegetables increases potassium intake.
People with higher blood pressure should restrict salt intake.
This sensitivity to salt seems to be greater as age increases.
High salt increases calcium excretion in urine and therefore, increases calcium requirement.

Use of iodine salt :

As salt is used almost in every household,Use of salt has to be restricted to iodised salt.

Iodine plays a major role in the formation of thyroid hormones which are essential for physical and mental functions of the human being.

Iodine deficiency causes mental retardation and impairs growth and development.

How do you protect iodine in salt?

Store salt in a dark coloured bottle and away from the cooker/fire .(or any other source of heat).

Do not wash salt before adding to food.

Above all,Add salt  at the last , to ensure the food has complete iodine in it.
you can opt for pink Himalayan salt instead of regular salt.

How to reduce the consumption of salt?

Add small amounts of salt during cooking.

Learn to use spices and herbs, to enhance the flavour of food.

consider fresh foods that are lower in sodium than ready-to-eat processed foods.

Remember that fresh fish, poultry, and meat are lower in sodium than salted, canned or other processed food.

Select those prepared with reduced or no salt canned foods.

Limit sauces, pickles, packaged mixes, chutneys, salad dressings, ketchup and mustard cream contain added salt.

Choose fresh fruits and vegetables as a low sodium alternative to salted snack foods.

Processed and packaged food has a lot of salt added during processing.

Note that the taste for salt is always acquired. If you get used to low amounts you will be satisfied with it.

Note: You should never stop consuming salt, unless doctor advices to do so. Therefore,Salt to required to every human being.

The amount of salt required is less than 5 grams per day.

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