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    10 effective hair mask for hair fall that works

    Effective hair mask that does wonders: In this modern age, we all face hair fall due to several reasons. We always end up using the wrong products on hair. But, we can always try home remedies for hair fall and it works Ā wonders. here are some of the hair fall remedies that I have personally tried and got results. Almonds : Take about 1 tablespoon of warm almond oil massage gently on the scalp and hair leave it for an hour and then wash your hair. It will gradually increase hair quality and also nourish your hair and scalp. It makes hair look healthy. If you don’t have almond oil,…

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    Know your skin type:

    What is the skin? Ā skin is the vital organ that covers the entire outside of the Body, It forms a protective barrier against the environment. Facial skin is the delicate skin in our body. So, it is very to take care of. Why is it important to know your skin type? It is important to know your skin type because you cannot able to treat your skin problems. You cannot be able to choose products to your skin you might end choosing the wrong product. Most of the cases, the main cause of skin problems are because of using unsuitable and products. Types of skin types: Dry skin oily skin…