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10 effective hair mask for hair fall that works

Effective hair mask that does wonders:

In this modern age, we all face hair fall due to several reasons. We always end up using the wrong products on hair. But, we can always try home remedies for hair fall and it works wonders. here are some of the hair fall remedies that I have personally tried and got results.

Almonds :

Take about 1 tablespoon of warm almond oil massage gently on the scalp and hair leave it for an hour and then wash your hair.

It will gradually increase hair quality and also nourish your hair and scalp. It makes hair look healthy.

If you don’t have almond oil, you can burn 2 to 3 almonds, crush them, and mix them with some castor oil. Apply that on the scalp. Within two weeks of the continuous application, you will have less hair fall.

You can apply this at night and wash it the next morning.


If you have excess Hair fall you can use shallots juice.

Don’t make it a paste extract only the juice and apply on this scalp twice a week for 30 mins. your hair fall will gradually reduce.

This remedy works so well on my hair.

If you have a cold body type, please avoid this remedy or apply it for 10 mins.

Egg white:

Applying egg white on your scalp for 20 to 30 mins will stop hair fall and also improves the texture of the hair. I prefer this mask if I have hair breakage and dullness.

You can mix egg white with a few drops of oil to get nourished hair after the wash.

white poppy seeds:

Soak White poppy seeds in milk then make it a fine paste. Mix the paste with green gram powder.  Apply this paste all over your scalp and hair it will help re-grow your hair and also treats dandruff.

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Fenugreek leaves hair mask:

Fenugreek leaves are called methi ka patha in Hindi. Grind fenugreek leaves into a fine paste and apply on your scalp. After 30 minutes rinse with water. Do not use shampoo after this mask.  This mask will ensure that your hair regrows and makes the hair thicker.

Hibiscus leaves:

Sundry the hibiscus leaves and make them into a fine powder, Mix this hibiscus leaves powder with some coconut or almond oil. You can store the powder for later use.

Apply this oil to hair. It deeply conditions your hair. It also reduces dandruff and other hair problems, especially hair fall.

curry leaves and betel leaves :

Extract juices from curry leaves and betel leaves. Mix it with coconut oil leave that oil overnight and then warm up this mixture the next morning and apply it on your hair as a mask.

This mask helps reduces hair fall and increases hair growth. This mask also prevents grey hair.

Aloe vera:

Wash aloe vera thoroughly and extract the gel from Aloe Vera make sure you filter the extract.

Apply this gel on your hair and scalp, it will make hair thicker and longer. It reduces hair fall caused due to heat.

Amla hair mask:

Cut the smaller pieces of Amla, and soak the Amla in water overnight.  Mix the paste , Apply to your hair to get dark hair. It strengthens the hair follicle. thus it reduces hair fall.

Fenugreek seeds:

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and make them a fine paste.Apply the paste on hair for 30 mins. Then rinse of with water.

Do not use shampoo after this mask.

This will reduces hair fall and improves the hair texture.

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These are 10 effective remedies for hair fall. If you like this post please share with friends and leave your valuable comment.



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